Ndirangu was arraigned in Court today. [Photo: Courtesy]

A census official was arraigned in Murang’a court today after he urinated in a local family’s sitting room while drunk last night.

Samuel Ndirangu was totally drunk when he went to the said home in Mukuyu, Murang’a to undertake census. He staggered into the house, removed his trousers and started peeing as the family members, including their children watched in disbelieve.

Ndirangu undergoing treatment at Murang’a Hospital last night to make him regian consciousness.

The family alerted police. He was arrested and taken to Murang’a General Hospital where he was stabilised then interrogated by the police.

The enumerator had left the census gadget at his girlfriend’s house. He was charged of contravening the oath of secrecy.


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