Kenyans at a political rally. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kikuyus are the most populous community followed by Luhyas and Kalenjins respectively according to census report released today.

The report of the census conducted in August last year indicates Kenya has a population of 47.6 million people.

Kikuyu community has 8,148,668 people followed by Luhya with 6,823,842 and Kalenjins have 6,358,113 people.

Kambas and Luos follow the list with populations of 5,066,966 and 4,663,910 people respectively.

During census in August 2019. [Photo: Courtesy]
The report indicated that Somalis population is growing rapidly. Their number being 2,780,502 people, slightly above Kisiis with population of 2,703,235.

Kenya population hits 47.6 million people

Also among top ten communities are Mijikenda, Meru and Maasai with populations of 2,488,691, 1,975,869 and 1,189,522 respectively.

Communities with least number of people are Konso (1,299), El Molo (1,104), Gosha (685), Kenyan Americans (596) and Dahalo (575).


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