Candidate for Nairobi Deputy Governor’s seat smokes fangi

Karen Nyamu, who vied for Nairobi Women Rep in 2017 was spotted smoking fangi.

Karen Nyamu, one of the three ladies shortlisted for the seat of Nairobi Deputy Governor is a marijuana smoker.

Karen, a lawyer and Director at Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company was spotted smoking the prohibited bhang on Saturday at Umeme Grounds in Ziwani, Nairobi during the Koth Biro Tournament Finals.

Karen enjoying fangi as her followers take photo of her. [Photo: Courtesy]
Photos were disclosed later, revealing that the 2017 Nairobi Woman Representative Aspirant and later Nairobi Speaker’s seat aspirant is among the young, classy women who smoke fangi.

apparently she is not apologetic for puffing sportsman kubwa in the public

She was sandwiched among gang of men. And besides puffing the bhang unashamedly, she shared alcohol with the group she termed her squad.

She smoked unashamedly alongside male supporters. [Photo: Courtesy]
Governor Mike Sonko has shortlist her, former MP Margaret Wanjiru, and Akiba Mashinani Trust Executive Director Jane Weru for the seat that was vacated by Polycarp Igathe, now Vivo Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Africa.

Besides fangi, Karen drunk with male squad. [Photo: Courtesy]
Nyamu is apparently unapologetic about her wayward ways and even puffing the fangi aka Sportsman kubwa publicly.


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