Mzungu womaniser buried in a Kiambu church’s compound

Lord Errol (Inset) and his grave behind St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kiambu. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]

At the backyard of St. Paul’s Anglican Church of Kenya in Kiambu is a cemetery and buried alongside devoted faithful is remains of a controversial Briton.

Lord Errol (Josslyn Victor Hay) who was famed and loathed for his womanising tendencies and wild lifestyle was buried here after he was shot dead in Karen in January 24, 1941.

Lord Errol was Captain of Kenya Regiment and Military Secretary for East Africa during World War II and three years before his killing he represented Kiambu in Legislative Council. The Errol Restaurant in Runda estate is named after him.

It is unclear how he ended at the backyard of this 107 years-old church. It is thought the family opted to have him buried there in Kiambu rather than at the Nairobi War Cemetery in Nairobi, along Ngong Road.

Lord Errol (left). His grave (right) at the backyard of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kiambu. [Photo: Gikuyu Bulletin]
He was part of “Happy Valley Set”, a notorious immoral group of elites who were sexual maniacs, party-lovers and cherished wife swapping and other sexual orgies. Happy Valley is today’s Naivasha.

“He was famed but hated for his womanising escapades and wild lifestyle”

His grave has attracted researchers and tourists. In 2016 it was cleaned up by British government ahead of his 75th anniversary.

His wife divorced him when they came to Kenya in early 1924. He was dating one Alice de Janzé, an American Heiress when he started another relationship with Edith Maude, a divorcee. Edith died in 1939 from alcoholism and drugs overdose. She was also buried at this church backyard.

Errol started affair with Diana Broughton (Who was later married by Tom Delamere). This led to his murder suspected to have been committed by either his fiancé Alice or Diana’s husband Sir Jock Delves Broughton, an aristocrat who committed suicide after he was acquitted of Erroll’s murder.

The Errol Restaurant in Runda named after the deceased womaniser. [Photo: Courtesy]
Alice who was the prime suspect was nicknamed “The Wicked Madonna”. She had attempted to kill a man who tried to dump her and after Errol murder she attempted suicide twice before killing herself eight months later.



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