The burglar attempted to rape her. [Photo: Courtesy]

A bold woman at Ngangarithi Estate in Nyeri Town killed a robber who in company of another robbed her shop early this morning.

Two burglars broke into the shop, took away items they hid in nearby bush while going back for more but a neighbour heard them and alerted the woman’s husband.

Ngangarithi Estate in Nyeri town. [Photo: Courtesy]
The couple with help of neighbours ambushed the robbers. One run away and was pursued by the mob, including the woman’s husband.

she stabbed him in the neck as he attempted to rape her

She remained behind keeping watch, unknown to her the other robber was hiding in the shop. On realising it was the woman who alone there he emerged and reportedly attempted to rape her.

She stabbed the robber who died few metres from the shop. [Photo: Courtesy]
A scuffle ensued between the two but she was able to reach a knife. She stabbed the robber in the neck. He died some metres from the shop.


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