Boy ejected from birthday bash five years ago given a surprise treat

He was kicked out of bash for being 'unkempt'

James Mbugua 'Mathwiti' now and (right) him five years ago. [Photo: Courtesy]

A touching video clip of a young boy narrating how he was kicked out of a birthday party near his home in Ndumberi for being untidy has been doing round on social media since this morning. The boy could not understand why he was disliked.

James Mbugua recounted how he missed sweets, juice and cakes in the undisclosed party. He was allegedly the odd one out because he was ‘unkempt’. He was ejected.

Now it has been established the video was shot about five years ago but this afternoon Mbugua, now a big boy was given a birthday treat better that what he missed that day. The birthday cake read; “Mbugua Mathwiti Ngaii”.

Mbugua and his grandmother receiving presents from well-wishers. [Photo: Courtesy]
Kameme FM Comedian Muthee Kiengei marshalled friends and fans on social media to contribute to get him a similar treat, clothes and a bicycle that his grandmother Teresiah Wambui said has been his desire.

“He keeps on chasing lucky kids who own bicycles” his grandmother was quoted as saying.

Mbugua ‘Mathwiti’ cake. [Photo: Courtesy]
An excited Mbugua echoed that day’s innocent words; “I am happy for what you have offered me. The ball, bicycle, mathwiti (sweets) and makeki (cakes) Ngaii”. Further plans are to start a small business for his grandmother who takes care of him.

Fun galore after Mbugua received presents and bike. [Photo: Courtesy]


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