Blogger: What was I thinking when I begged Uhuru to give me Ngina?

Blogger Patooh Gichini (Left) desired to marry Ngina Kenyatta (Right).

A blogger who pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta in September 2017 to let him marry his daughter Ngina Kenyatta has now questioned what compelled him make the rare request.

Patooh Gichini who says is former editor of Today in Africa Magazine pleaded with Uhuru to make him his father-in-law. His plea elicited a talk on social media but now 20 months later Gichini wonders if he was high on something then.

“Two years ago I almost married Ngina Kenyatta. Kweli bangi sio spinach” Gichini wrote on Facebook early this month but friends urged him not to give up until Ngina is officially married.

Uhuru Kenyatta and his daughter Ngina celebrating her birthday some years back.

When he was infatuated with Ngina he asked Uhuru; “Dear Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta, I love you, because you’ve never disappointed. You looked at Hon. John Paul and saw that what was missing for him to be a complete honourable MP is a good Car”.

Patooh Gichini post recently.

Gichini continued; “Now look at me, all I’m missing to be a complete man is a good Jigi Jigi (wife). I like your daughter Ngina. Please make me your son. Our enemies always ask, “unatetea Uhuru Kwani ni babako?” I want to be responding strongly ‘Yes’, dear father-in-law. Ndîngìaga mbûri cia kûgûrana ta Mûgìkûyû”.


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