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Welcome to Gikuyu Bulletin! We are the home of the latest global news and events, especially across South Africa. Gikuyu Bulletin knows that not all people have access to television, newspaper and radio all the time. But we are certain that most people have access to the internet, that is why we decided to build an online platform instead.

Visit us every day so you can always be updated about the global and local news in the following field:

  • Entertainment: Catch the latest gossip about popular celebrities and be updated with the new TV shows, movies, books and music
  • Business: Take a look at the current condition of the country’s economy. Be on the lookout for the newest companies and entrepreneurs that are climbing the top of the market
  • Sports: Read about the latest news and events about soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA, hockey, basketball, horse racing and the world cup
  • Education: Go to this section if you want to get the latest information about universities and colleges as well as the current school curriculums
  • Tech reviews: Check out the newest mobile gadgets, software, games and other tech inventions by reading about their reviews
  • Lifestyle: Be informed about the importance of health and beauty. Learn how to style yourself and your home. Know the most popular spots where you can grab the best food and drink around town
  • Travel: Know where is the best country and city to go to by reading about the latest travel news around the world
  • Finance: Learn how to save money, pay off your debts and invest in assets by reading various informative articles about the importance of money and financial planning

Reliable and unbiased news source

The aim of Gikuyu Bulletin is to inform all people about the events around the world, especially in South Africa. Since all we aim is to inform, we don’t include any biased opinions or targets to ruin or strengthen anyone’s reputation in our stories. We want our readers to form their own opinion and outlook about the news instead of injecting our own into their minds.

Informative features and editorial

If you are done reading hard news for the day, head to our features and editorial section to refresh your mind and read lighter stories. Our feature writers have more flexibility when it comes to writing so they can be able to provide you with more creative pieces with pictures, graphics and other visual components.

Submit your entries

Do you have any news information about the latest happenings in your area? Submit the video you took or the article you have written to our site so we can coordinate with you and publish it here at Gikuyu Bulletin! 

To submit your news entry, go to our contact page and fill out the required form. Don’t forget to include a valid email address or phone number so we can get back to you as soon as possible. Approved articles and recordings will be published on the site with your name as the byline.

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