Bishop tells Ng’ang’a he’s not his Bible to keep mentioning

Former Neno Evangelism Bishop Robert Wafula (Left) and Bishop James Ng'ang'a (right).

Bishop Robert Wafula who was in charge of Neno Evangelism Centre in Mombasa but resigned in May has responded to his boss Bishop James Nga’ng’a constant verbal attacks.

Wafula left after the controversial Bishop Ng’ang’a attacked him in Church using words like Takataka, rubbish, arrogant. Wafula resigned and started a church but Ng’ang’a has kept insulting him.

He has now responded to him, warning Ng’ang’a to stop mentioning him in his services like he was his Bible.

Bishop James Ng’ang’a and Bishop Robert Wafula when they were struggling to estbalish Neno Evangelism.

“I am not his Bible anisome some all the time. He should stop mentioning me on TV and in the alter. Why talk about me in all his services. I am not his age, I am young. He should deal with demons in his church” an angry Wafula warned.

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He said Ng’ang’a even though older than him has been behaving in childish way. He said plans were underway to eject him from the Ministry so he left before they executed it.

He urged Church his church elders to meet with those of Neno to reach out to Ng’ang’a and tell him to keep off him and his new Church. (See Video Below)

He said Ng’ang’a sent goons who seemed like they were high on bhang to dump a church podium at his new church grounds at night. Wafula and his faithful planned to burn it but opted to gift it to the carpenter who made it.

“We feared it had demons because of how it was brought to me. It cost over Sh100, 000 to make it so I found it wise to give the carpenter to make proper use of it” he said.

He told his new followers he left behind lots of money, properties and land and so Ng’ang’a should not think he is fearing him.


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