Bishop Ng’ang’a says will spend six days in the bush praying for Kenya

Bishop James Maina Ng’ang’a, wearing a sack while praying in Kajiado.

Controversial Bishop James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre says he will spend six days in the bush in Kajiado County praying for the country that he says is heading the wrong way.

He will imitate how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and besides this, he will be in tattered outfit.

Ng’ang’a shared a video of him wearing a sack, kneeling and pouring dust on his head in Kajiado as he prayed and urged Kenyans to join him in repenting.

“I have very humble request to my fellow Kenyans and to entire world that you may join me to ask God intervention. We are heading on a very serious time” Ng’ang’a prayed.

Bishop Ng’ang’a praying.

“I will take six days here. I am just asking your intervention. God says that you come to me and submit yourself and pray and ask any intervention and I will answer” he added.

He said all Kenyans should turn to God, irrespective of status, authority or levels of education. He said there is tension and likelihood of clashes rekindling.

“I have three prayers and one is about coming 2022 elections. Kenya is for us all and we all have right to live in Kenya. But because of spreading fears, many are worried the fights of yesteryears will come back. We pray god to forgive us” he said.

Bishop Ng’ang’a pouring dust on his head.

He went on; “God to remove the planned calamity by a group of few Kenyans to strain peace and friendship of our people”. He said he is planning to expand his church to accommodate thousands of worshipers.


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