Bhang traffickers use petrol tanker to ferry it in Kahawa Sukari

Fuel tanker used to ferry bhang in Kahawa Sukari.

Police have arrested two people ambushed offloading bhang from a lorry designed to carry fuel at a home in Kahawa Sukari estate in Kiambu County.

The peddlers had stacked the illegal substance inside the tanker to appear as if ferrying petrol but their tactic did not outwit curious residents.The bhang street value is estimated to be around Sh4.5 million.

Sacks of bhang foudn being offloaded from a tanker to the house.

Dozens of bags were found hidden inside the maisonnete but it is not clear if the two were hired to deliver it or are the owners and also who the owner of the home is.

The home in Kahawa sukari bhang was found stored, ferried there by a petrol tanker.

Residents curious of what a petrol tanker was doing inside the estate snooped only to discover suspicious items being offloaded. They alerted police who struck promptly. The two will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

The two men caught offloading the bhang from the fuel tanker.


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