Betty Bayo’s 7-year-old daughter gives dating tips to single ladies

Sky Victor, Betty bayo's daughter.

Sky Victor, the first born child of Gospel singer Betty Bayo and her ex-husband, controversial televangelist Victor Kanyari has become a social media celeb.

She is seven-year-old and is even advising single ladies how to go about dating.

On her Youtube platform that has 2, 000 followers, she posted a video (Below) telling girls how to handle their boyfriends when they go out.

The girl is soon to start hosting a Kids TV show according to her mother. Betty broke the good news today but did not reveal which TV station it will feature.

Sky Victor said though she is young, she is brilliant and able to advise ladies three or four times older.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She said. In the short clip she dwells on dressing code, phone etiquette, eye contact matters and asking interesting questions.

Betty Bayo with the daughter.

She joked; “Keep the conversation running. You can even ask him silly question like have you ever eaten an avocado?”.

Her father Kanyari recently said she has enrolled her in an expensive school even though they divorced with Betty. The separated couple has two children.

Victor Kanyari with his daughter Sky Victor and son.

“I take care of my children and pay their school fees…It costs me Sh450, 000 every term because they are in one of the best schools” Kanyari claimed.


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