Jamhuri Car Bazaar on a Sunday.

Jamhuri Car Bazaar is a market like any village mboga, waru, cows and goats market but instead of bleats and moo, the sound here is revving engines.

The bazaar along Ngong Road is where car owners and buyers meet to haggle for cars every Sunday and this has been around for over 30 years. About 1, 500 vehicles are displayed here and over 3, 000 customers visit the market.

The market deals with second hand cars of all makes and the cheapest would be going for Sh300, 000 and the pricey one for about Sh5 million.

Second-hand cars displayed at Jamhuri Car Bazaar

“In a month I able to one or two cars because I do homework to understand the ideal car at any given time. There are car makes you will sell easily” says Peter Maina, a car dealer.

It has over thousand members paying Sh5, 000 annual fee and Sh100 for every vehicle they take to Jamhuri market. Non-members pay Sh500 for every vehicle.

“It is a free market and anyone can bring their car for sale here as far they pay gate charges. It operates on Sundays only and our aim is to give people platform to buy and sell cars” says Kenya Auto Bazaar Association Secretary Charles Munyori.

The car market was started in 1980s at parking in Sarit Centre, Westlands, moved to Lang’ata road, later to Nyayo Stadium parking lot in 1997 and then in 2004 moved to the present location.

The bazaar signpost and right Kenya Auto Bazaar Association Secretary Charles Munyori

He says the association has no track of cars sold every Sunday but he estimates 10 percent or more of cars displayed there are sold.

“We also trade in with buyers and the following weekend we selling that same car at higher price. Brokers can make Sh200, 000 in a month from such arrangements” says Erastus Njoroge, a seller.


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