Raila Odinga addressing his followers at a past rally.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has fired back at some politicians he accuses of drifting the country away from what Jubilee promised.

Targeting Raila Odinga-led team he implied that the politicians are focusing on reggae and marijuana matters which were not in Jubilee’s manifesto.

“When we were asking for votes we never told Kenyans about reggae and marijuana issues. We told them about developments. So Deputy President and President take us where we told Kenyans” Nyoro said.

The pro-Ruto MP was deflating the massive push for Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which its backers are using the mantra “Nobody can stop reggae”.

Raila team is endorsing the BBI while Ruto who is the frontrunner successor of President Uhuru Kenyatta is wary of the BBI.

“When our time comes to the end we will not tell Kenyans how many reggae songs we have sung. We will not tell them about BBI. We will tell them about what we have done in health and developments” Nyoro stated.


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