Auntie Jemimah: Some people claimed that I am ugly

Auntie Jemimah.

Popular Kikuyu comedian, MC and radio presenter Wangari Nguri popularly known as Auntie Jemimah has faced severe attacks from some Kenyans.

An insult she says lowered her self-esteem and affected her for three years before she decided to confront it.

In a recent interview, the Gukena FM presenter revealed how some people told her she was ugly and resembled like a man.

Auntie Jemimah at Guken FM studios.

“Severally I was told I look like a man. The reason being that I am muscular because I go to the gym. I even stopped wearing clothes that exposes my biceps” Jemimah disclosed.

Adding; “I was affected for long but I decided that if I look like a man perhaps I look better than them”.

Jemimah who claims she is a virgin is a trained account and she quit her job and embarked on online comedy.

She hosts a programme on radio intended focusing on men, largely bashing them bur she said she is a friend to many men.

“Ours is love-hate relationship with men. They complain how I bash them but they eagerly wait for the show” she said.

Asked about the thing she loathes most men, she said; “Those who ask for sex casually. Like when are we going to have it?”.


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