Armed thug spotted posing as garbage collector arrested

Suspected thug posing as garbage collector spotted with gun and later after he was arrested.

After undercover cops shared photo of a suspected thug masquerading as garbage collector but armed with a pistol tucked in his pants, they have nabbed him.

The man they identify as Alex Maina was arrested alongside his suspected accomplice known as James Kirucha, according to information they have shared on the Facebook page they use to fight crime and warn thugs.

The man photographed rummaging dust bin with his pistol conspicuous is said to be part of dangerous gun-toting thugs who use garbage collection business as cover up. The gang is active in areas of Eastlands, Nairobi.

The thug’s photo shared by police yesterday.

The cops using codename “Hesy wa Dandora” displayed what they said were weapons recovered from him and his accomplice.

“Both of them are garbage collectors at #Mukuru_Pipeline. Too lucky to have been arrested otherwise, saa mngekuwa kwa headlines: this is their habit, terrorising innocent people from the same area with a toy pistol,….wacha waende wakae ndani, but am sure watatoka very soon”. They posted.

Weapons recovered from him.

The cops refuted claims being propagated that the man photographed was an undercover police officer.


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