An arrogant Ngirici silenced by brave city motorist

Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici.

Kirinyaga Women Rep is now an embarrassed leader after an ordinary motorist stopped her car that was overlapping on a city road and dressed the apparent arrogant politician like a school kid.

Ngirici’s driver obstructed the motorist who was on his rightful traffic side. Ngirici accompanied by her armed bodyguard jumped out and attempted to punch the unidentified man but she was shocked.

The brave Kenyan was not cowed by her as fellow motorists urged him to stand her ground. Silenced and embarrassed, Ngirici jumped back into her car. She apologised later on her Facebook page.

Kirinyaga Women Rep Wangui Ngirici's driver tried to force this city motorist out of his way. Amejua hajui. We need Kenyans like this man.

Posted by Gikuyu Bulletin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

“You are a grown up woman. Shame on you. What the hell is this car? Shame on you. Follow the rules wazimu nyinyi. And you are trying to punch me?” the heroic motorist told her.

She has become a darling of Kenyans on social media. Ngirici apologised admitting herself and fellow politicians are fond of breaking rules.

“Going by the clip making rounds on social media – Yes, sometime back I had an incident involving overlapping on the road. Sometimes, even leaders are reminded by the citizens about the society and its values” she said.

She added; “I took the lesson, appreciated and apologized accordingly. To grow together as one cohesive and harmonious society, we must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes”.


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