Al-Shabaab claims they are behind Riverside terror attack

Al-Shabaab militants. [Photo: Courtesy]

Al-Shabaab has come out claiming responsibility of the Riverside Drive attack that started this afternoon and still going on.

The Somali-based terror group through Radio Arm which is linked to them said it’s their men who have taken control of Dusit Hotel and other institutions in the Riverside Drive precincts.

They struck the facility this afternoon. It started with a blast followed by heavy gunshots. It is claimed one of the attackers blew himself up before the onslaught started.

Explosion at Riverside Drive, Westlands.

The attack comes a day after Milimani Law Court acquitted one of the four suspects charged over Westgate Terrorist attack in 2013.

Police Inspector General Joseph Boinnet says the situation is managed though the attackers are still in the building. DCI Director George Kinoti is on the ground leading the counter-assault.

DCI George Kinoti leading operation to flash out the terrors.

Aerial View of Riverside Drive after terrorists’ explosion went off. [Courtesy]
Rescue operation at Riverside Drive after terror attack this afternoon. [Courtesy]
Aftermath of terror attack at Dusit Hotel, Riverside Drive. [Photo: Courtesy]


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