Naomi Wambui (Right) with an Good Samaritan.

A mother of five who recounted how her four children were taken away from her by in-laws in Somalia and the other child killed by terrorists as she watched has now received help from well-wishers.

Naomi Wambui, previously named Zainabu when she converted into Muslim is now all smiles after people responded to her pleas.

She has been living in anguish at Kamae area of Kahawa West with excruciating memories of watching her son Mohammed being cut into pieces by Al Shabaab militants for refusing to sleep with her.

She is also not aware where and how her other fours are after her late husband’s kins took them away from her when she lived in Somalia.

Wambui narrating her ordeals.

Her story was featured on a youtube by a local scribe Monica Kagoni and subsequently help trickle in and now she has a place to sleep and a poultry business established for her.

“From your contributions, she has set up a poultry business. She now has a place to sleep. We also thank Margaret Nyutho and Victoria from Mugoiri old girl association who are offering her professional counseling. This is the miracle of love!” Kagoni posted on her Facebook page.

Wambui is a half-caste of a Kenyan and Tanzanian. She run away from Tanzania after her father started defiling her.

While in Kenya working as a domestic worker she met and fell in love with Hassan, a truck driver who took her to his motherland Somalia.

Poultry business established for Wambui.

Hassan was killed by terrorists as he ferried sugar from Somalia to Kenya. He left Wambui with five children.

After her four kids were taken away she decided to run back to Kenya with Mohammed, her first born but with others they encountered terrorists as they neared Kenya-Somalia border.

“We met Al Shabaab fighters who sprayed bullets to our vehicle, ordered us out and pointed which man to sleep with which woman” she recounted.

Mohammed was ordered to make love with Wambui but when he refused saying that was his mother his cries fell on deaf ears.

He was cut into pieces then his head chopped off after he told his mother they will meet in Heaven.

They were rescued by Kenya Army personnel doing aerial patrol.

For over 10 years Wambui has lived a desolate, poor life as relatives in Kiambu have shunned her.


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