Nyeri siblings own slum neighbouring State House

Sego slum next to State House, Nairobi.

Few metres from the gate of the State House, Nairobi lies an informal dwelling that seems out of the place but is said to be the safest Kijiji in Kenya.

Sego is its name and it sits on 3.5 acres, placed between State House Road and Jakaya Kikwete Road in Kilimani. It is owned by six siblings from Nyeri County who prefer to keep low life and shares little about its history.

Mzee Felix Gikandi, 72 one of the siblings says it is a family inheritance. They bought from Whites in 1960s but it was a home that went up in flames in 1998. They later built cheaper houses that became a slum that looks like an island of a kind.

Sego slum seen from State House Road near Ikulu.

They say they aspire to put up buildings that will match with the locality. There has been an attempt to grab the plot by a former kanjo director in the 1990s.

But how did the name Sego came about? A bar known as Chego owned by a Kalenjin man in early 2000s gave the slum this name that replaced the earlier Kilimani name.

About 400 people reside here paying slightly over Sh5, 000 monthly rent but their immediate neighbours part with Sh100, 000 and more. But despite living in the upmarket they are not invited in the neighbourhood barazas.

Inside Sego slum next to State House.

Gikandi says they enjoy steady water, power supply and high security. Majority tenants work in neighbouring homes but they remain strangers with each other including Ikulu residents, save for former President Mwai Kibaki who would wave at them.

The slum feeds workers in these upmarket areas but weekends dwellers when not drinking in bars there or chatting outside their houses they walk around Hurlingahm, Kilimani, Upper Hill or City Centre.


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